ATM CardlexCash

eTranzact ATM CardlexCash is designed for the eTranzact global payment network; the solution allows a transferor (person sending the money) to transfer funds from his mobile phone, and have those funds collected by a third party at an ATM machine without the use of the physical debit Cards! This revolutionary product leverages on the subscriber’s mobile phone, the eTranzact platform, and ATM processor of partner banks (or payment ISO) to perform convenient funds transfer and collection for the end users. As part of eTranzact efforts to bridge the gap between the banked and the unbanked, this service provides an unprecedented, secure and effective means of transfering funds from one party to the other through the means of a mobile phone. This solution makes funds easily available irrespective of distance between the sender and receiver.

This product leverages on “using your everyday tool, your mobile phone, for your every activity”. The advent of eTranzact ATM CardlexCash will revolutionize the process of money transfer globally.

This innovation proposes a faster and convenient process of money transfer. With this solution, the recipient does not need to have a bank account to receive funds and does not need to go to a bank branch to collect funds, which can only be done during working hours. It also eliminates the need to use an ATM card to withdraw money.