1What is the Mobile Money Card?
Mobile Money card is a recent innovative product by eTranzact Ghana Limited in partnership with the various Mobile Money companies. The card is primarily cash out tool and compliments the cash out function being executed by Mobile Money Agents across the country. The Mobile Money cards especially come in handy in moments where and when the usual Mobile Money Agent is not physically present. By leveraging the entire Bank system ATM network and infrastructure in the country, the card upon insertion into any GH-link enabled ATM, will enable a Mobile Money user to withdraw funds from the Mobile Money wallet at any ATM point. The card is so convenient to use once terms and conditions governing its use are adhered to. Register with a valid national photo ID to access this Mobile Money companion card and enjoy the ease of accessing your Mobile Money funds on a 24/7 basis.
2How do i Register and Activate my MoMo Card?
You can own a Mobile Money card by going through 5 easy steps and enjoy the benefits of a whole new funds’ withdrawal experience - convenience and security
Steps Activity
1 Dial *389*0# on your mobile phone
2 Enter the 16 digits number on the card
3 Enter your first name
4 Key in your preferred four-digit PIN and confirm the same PIN
5 An SMS message is received indicating card will be active within 48hrs
Upon activation of the mobile money card, the subscriber will receive an SMS notification on his or her mobile phone confirming the activation of the card. Your Mobile Money card PIN must be kept confidential.
3How do I access Mobile Money at the ATM point?
To access your Mobile Money funds at the ATM point, locate any gh-link enabled ATM and go through the following steps:
Steps Activity
1 Dial *389*0# on your mobile phone
2 Select option 2 (Fund mobile money card)
3 Select my card
4 Enter Amount to cash out
5 Enter 1 to continue and wait for a prompt to authorize payment
6 Enter mobile money PIN to authorize
7 Select option 1 (YES) to complete
8 Insert card in ATM, key in card PIN and amount to access funds.
Note: Vodafone Cash Users should kindly generate voucher from the Vodafone cash menu before going through the above steps.
4How do I check the balance on my MoMo Card?
Mobile money card users can check the balance on their cards at the ATM point or by dialing *389*0# on their mobile phones and navigating through the menu to check the balance.
5What are the other uses of the Mobile Money card?
Dial *389*0# and navigate through the menu to access other services
6What is the cost of a Mobile Money card?
Where the Mobile Money cards are sold, the maximum price should not exceed GHS 15
7What are the fees associated with the service?
The transactional fee charged for funding the Mobile Money card for subsequent withdrawal at the ATM point is the same as the Mobile Money withdrawal fee charged at the Mobile Money Agent point. For all amounts up to GHS 1000, a 1% fee is charged. For amounts above GHS 1000, a flat GHS 10 fee is charged. The usual gh-link withdrawal fee of GHS2.5 will apply to any amount withdrawn at the gh-link ATM point.
8What is the maximum and minimum amount per transaction?
The maximum and minimum amount that can be transferred to the Mobile Money card and cashed from the ATM is subject to the card user’s Mobile Money wallet limits and the Bank of Ghana regulatory standard. Card users in the category of enhanced KYC can access not more than GHS 5000 from the ATMs. The minimum amount to cash out from the ATM will be dependent on the particular ATM being used. Most ATMs have a minimum GHS 10 withdrawal function.
9How many transfers and withdrawals can be made in a day with a Mobile Money card?
There is no limit on the number of transfers and ATM withdrawals in a day but the maximum amount that can be transferred to the Mobile Money card and accessed at any ATM point in a day will not exceed GHS 2000 and GHS 5000 for medium KYC and enhanced KYC Mobile Money users respectively.
10What are some ATM usage tips to take note of?
Next ATM policy: If a particular ATM is not dispensing the needed cash or not functioning properly at any time, Mobile Money cards users are advised to locate and use the next available gh-link enabled ATM machine. Debit without Dispense: This rare phenomenon occurs when a Mobile Money card, upon insertion into an ATM, is debited with funds electronically but the corresponding cash is not dispensed by the ATM. In such situations, the funds debited will be reversed back to the Mobile Money card upon confirmation of the incidence. Mobile Money card users are advised to report such incidences to the eTranzact support and help desk, located at the back of the card.
11Mobile Money pick up points
In addition to the advertised locations, call the toll-free number 0302671694/ 0243690042 (WhatsApp) and let us know how, where and when you will want your Mobile Money card delivered to you. Delivery costs apply.
12What do i do when my Mobile Money card is lost or stolen?
All lost and stolen Mobile Money cards should immediately be reported to eTranzact Ghana Limited, 3rd Floor, Heritage Tower, Ridge, Accra.
13What other Mobile Money Use Cases are there for Corporate Institutions
Co-branding opportunity is available for corporate and education institutions wishing to have prepaid card services for the followings;

a. Discount Card
b. Loyalty Card
c. Membership Card
d. Insurance Premium Card
e. Loan and Investment Payout Card
f. Salary and Wages Card
g. Customer Retention Card etc
14What is the Mobile Money card customer support center number?
Call the toll-free number 0800389389 for assistance on any Mobile Money card related issue. The Mobile Money card customer support center can also be reached on through the following means:

Email: support@etranzact.com.gh
Facebook: etranzactgh
Twitter: @etranzact_gh
Instagram: etranzactgh
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