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While the retail landscape is changing, customers must remain front and center.

eTranzact seeks to enable all organisations achieve faster and easier payment collection from customers by automating their payment collection process, such that all payments accruing to them are collected, fully tracked and the organization can receive accurate financial information on payments made by customers and bill payers.

The Challenge

There are a lot of high risks involved in carrying cash. Organisations are also constantly faced with the cost, risk and stress of cash handling, reconciliation issues on all statements of accounts for each collections account opened in designated banks as well as reconciliation with all collecting banks. The issues of malpractices and manipulation of monies collected and consolidation of payments from all collecting banks at any point in time, suppression or non remittance of collections / delay in remittance of collections amongst others are several reasons for organizations to adopt an automated form of collection.

eTranzact Offerings to Private Sector Bodies

Payment  using POS terminals: Here organisations that wish to receive collections  at various branch locations can  deploy POS machines at  these locations for convenient and secure collections of payments.  The members simply  swipe their cards on the terminals and  make their payments towards  commitments or purchase of goods/services.   This automatically eliminates the need for members to the carry cash on  them.

We have extensive knowledge of switching and transaction processing systems.

eCommerce: the eTranzact eCommerce solution enables organizations to receive payment via the organisations website,by simply integrating the eTranzact WebConnect API onto the website. Customers can then visit the company website and make payments conveniently.

mCommerce: the eTranzact mCommerce solutionis a solution that enables eTranzact cardholders make payments for various goods and services using their mobile phones.

Payoutlet: This  is an eTranzact solution that enables organisations  to receive cash/cheque payment from customers/members  through any bank  branch of all the  eTranzact participating  banks.

Corporate  Payment: This is an online  real-time e-payment solution that provides a one-to-many  or many-to-one payment  scenarios. This solution eliminates the costs and delays associated  with issuing cheques which is the traditional process for suppliers payment and staff salary payments. The eTranzact Corporate Pay is an innovative solution  designed to meet bulk payment needs of organisations.

We Serve

Department Store

We help department stores maximize customer service and profits and meet changing demands amid increased competition.

Discount Stores

We help optimize merchandising, increase supply chain efficiencies, generate product mix forecasts for better retention.


We help optimize prices, fine tune inventory planning, and deploy next generation POS systems to enhance the customer experience.

Specialty Retailers

We help specialty retailers embrace the future of shopping by delivering concepts and solutions for in-store selling through


GLB’s Retail practice helps retailers turn today’s pain points into new business opportunities.


Rely on our experience to help you adopt the omnichannel capabilities that are right for your brand.

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