With Purpose and Direction.


We pride ourselves in our involvement in key initiatives that contribute to the nations growth.


 In line with the Government and the Central Bank’s drive towards a cash-lite society, increased financial inclusion and increased revenue mobilization, eTranzact has taken a strategic position in providing innovative solutions to help meet these agenda. eTranzact has crafted efficient solutions around mobile money services such as Mobile Money cards, revenue mobilization using electronic channels and mobile payments for the retail sector among many others.

Private Sector

eTranzact seeks to enable all organizations achieve faster and easier payment collections from their customers. Customers are enabled to make payments to the organization using diverse payment methods including mobile money, VISA, MasterCard and channels such as USSD, Mobile Apps, internet, Point of Sale devices and ATMs. Payments are fully tracked and the organization receives accurate financial information on payments to and from customers by the second.


The company offers unique payment solutions to all players in the Educational sector. From students, parents and guardians to the school administration, eTranzact uses its expertise in the payment and switching industry to make it easy for students and parents to easily and conveniently make payments to the school without necessarily being within the vicinity of the school. Such payments are either made online using the internet or through mobile money using mobile phones.