As industry consolidation, customized customer services and regulatory compliance are adding complexities and changes to the general traditional banking and payment processes, they have also provided opportunities for the innovative player to get a head start on the competition. eTranzact has with its innovative financial services products and solutions, provided all of the functionality necessary for banks and other financial houses to address their key areas of concern and achieve greater profitability.

 Mobile Financial    Services Description
Mobile Money transfer services ·       The service enables bank customers to transfer funds between their bank accounts and any mobile money wallet of choice and vice-versa using their profiled mobile handsets.
Mobile Banking services ·       The service enables bank customers to check their bank account balances, mini-statements and transfer funds to other accounts within the bank and to other banks using their mobile handsets. The service comes in two versions: a USSD version and a mobile banking application.
Mobile airtime and Data purchases ·       Purchases of airtime from all Telecommunication networks and internet Data purchase can be made from a bank subscriber’s mobile phone on a 24/7 basis giving the uttermost convenience.
Bill Payments ·       The eTranzact platform aggregates various Billers enabling bank customers to pay for Electricity bills, water bills, DSTV bills, insurance premiums, school fees etc. using their mobile phones.
Transaction Alerts/Notification services ·       The solution enables subscribers of the service to receive notifications on their mobile phones anytime there is a credit or debit transaction on their account.
Prepaid Card routing and aggregating services ·       The solution equips issuing banks of gh-link scheme cards with other card functionalities such as remittance to cards, transfer of mobile money to cards, discount cards, online payments among many others.

The service equips financial and non-financial houses with various value-added solutions for the benefit of their customers. Such value-added solutions include transfer to bank accounts, mobile money transfers and payments, airtime and internet data purchases, bill payments among many others. The values can be accessed using diverse channels such as the internet, mobile, POS and ATM.


The service enables both Government Agencies and private entities such as airlines and schools to receive payments from customers through the many eTranzact partner banks and their branches. Payments made at multiple banks and their branches are consolidated into a single nominated bank account of the Government Agency or private entity.

This is a payments collection service that enables institutions, companies and sole proprietorships to remotely receive payments from customers. Customers make payments to such institutions and companies from their mobile money accounts by dialing on their mobile phones a unique USSD short code set up for the service. Depending on the preference of the Merchant or receiving company, the payments are settled into their nominated bank account, mobile money account or a Merchant prepaid card account.

eTranzact, in partnership with Money Transfer Organizations abroad, aggregates and processes international remittances to all mobile money wallets and bank accounts in Ghana. Remittances are also processed to prepaid cards and such funds accessed from any gh-link enabled ATM.

This is an online payment gateway service mainly designed for e-commerce applications. The service enables companies such as Airlines to receive payments on their websites from customers.  Payments are enabled for Mobile Money, VISA and MasterCard.

This is a bulk or mass payment service that enables the payments, from a single source account, of salaries, wages etc. to Beneficiary mobile money accounts, bank accounts or prepaid cards. The solution with various levels of authorization also provides an online interface with which to monitor all payments made.  This solution eliminates the costs and delays associated with issuing cheques which is the traditional process for suppliers’ and staff salary payments.