eTranzact Staff Receive Lifesaving Breast Cancer Screening

In a compassionate move to prioritise the health and well-being of its employees, eTranzact, a leading technology company, partnered with a dedicated medical team from Clinix HealthCare to provide comprehensive breast cancer screenings for its staff. The initiative took place yesterday, 19th of October 2023, at the eTranzact Ghana headquarters, where the skilled Clinix medical team educated and examined staff on the breast cancer screenings for both female and male employees. 

The screening was aimed at promoting early detection and raise awareness about breast cancer among the staff members. Breast cancer remains a significant health concern globally, and early detection plays a pivotal role in improving survival rates and treatment outcomes. 

Dr. Isaac Kwapong, a leading expert from the Clinix Healthcare, expressed the importance of regular breast cancer screenings. “Early detection of breast cancer significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. It is advisable for females to do self-examination 3-5 days after their mensural cycle” he stated.

He highlighted that the two main types of breast cancers that is ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma, the risk factors, symptoms and how it can be prevented. Dr. Isaac also took the opportunity to educate us on the risk factors of postrate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women, their symptoms and how it can be prevented.

Employees who participated in the screening lauded the initiative as a testament to eTranzact’s commitment to their well-being. Abraham Dzagbletey, an eTranzact staff member, shared his thoughts, saying, “I’m grateful that our company cares about our health. This session not only provided us with valuable screenings but also raised awareness about breast cancer. It’s an excellent initiative.”

Samuel Bekoe, also a staff expressed his appreciation to the management for privilege to be educated and informed on the cancer disease adding that the session made him see the need for men to do breast cancer screening.  

Staff members were also educated on cervical cancer and prostate cancer. 

Story by : Yvonne Effe Faska

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