Profile of Valentine Obi – Founder & Group CEO

Founder's Corner: A profile of Dr. Valentine Obi, Founder and Group CEO, eTranzact Global

Dr. Valentine Obi, Founder & Group CEO, eTranzact

Dr. Valentine Obi is the Group CEO of eTranzact Global.

Dr. Valentine Obi is a distinguished figure in the realm of technology and entrepreneurship, recognized for his pivotal role in revolutionizing Africa’s digital payment landscape. As the visionary founder and group CEO of eTranzact Global, Dr. Obi has been at the forefront of delivering innovative electronic payment and mobile banking solutions across the continent. His leadership has seen the company expand its footprint into numerous African countries, including Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda.

His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; Dr. Obi went on to establish XCEL Inc., a cutting-edge neobank based in London, setting the stage for a groundbreaking journey into the digital banking sector. With a keen eye on the African market, XCEL Inc. has begun to chart a path across the continent.


In 2022, Dr. Obi once again showcased his knack for innovation by creating KYIARA, a pioneering digital platform focused on invoice factoring, transforming and streamlining traditional, cumbersome processes into efficient digital solutions in the African market.

Beyond his commercial endeavors, Dr. Obi’s expertise in information technology has been sought after in various international capacities, directing critical IT projects, including those assisted by the World Bank. His contributions to IT and social advancement earned him the prestigious Computerworld Honors Gold Medal of Achievement in 2003, making him the first African recipient recognized for leveraging technology to spur positive change—a testament to his work’s global influence and its inclusion in over 150 libraries worldwide, including the esteemed Harvard University.

Dr. Obi’s list of accolades is extensive. In 2021, he was lauded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Beacon of ICT Distinguished Lecture Series, paying tribute to his seminal work in card, mobile, and digital payments across Africa. The Central Bank of Nigeria honored his company with the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” in 2008. Additionally, he has been the recipient of multiple other awards, such as the Best Mobile Payment Initiative in South Africa (2012) and the Mobile Payment Solution of the Year by LEAD Africa (2014).

With the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Dr. Obi’s insights have become even more crucial. His appointment to the Advisory Council of the African Trade Gateway (ATG) by Afreximbank aligns with the initiative’s mission to foster intra-African trade, underpinned by digital innovation.

Further recognizing his expertise, Dr. Obi was selected to represent Nigeria on the Scientific Committee of the African Forum for Research and Innovation (FARI), an African Union and ECOWAS initiative focused on advancing the continent’s research capabilities.

Dr. Obi is a revered speaker, sharing his knowledge and insights at prestigious international forums, including the Commonwealth Trade and Investment Summit and the Commonwealth Business Forum which takes place alongside the Biennial Heads of Government Meeting.

His passion for technology is matched by his commitment to education. Dr. Obi contributes as a pioneer Board of Regents member at Covenant University and lectures at the Word of Faith Bible Institute. As an Area Pastor with the Living Faith Church Worldwide and an active member of various professional organizations, he leverages his influence to uplift his community, founding the JIL Foundation alongside his wife to support the education of underprivileged children.

Dr. Obi’s academic achievements are equally impressive, holding a doctorate from the International School of Management in Paris, an MBA from the Instituto de Empressa in Madrid, and the honor of being an alumnus of Harvard Business School in Boston.

Dr. Valentine Obi’s journey is a beacon of innovation, social impact, and unwavering dedication to growth and development in Africa and beyond.

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